You Are the Quarry

You Are the Quarry

Format: CD

Price: 40.00

***Sealed copy.....very rare 2 disc version!****

1. America Is Not the World        12. You Know You Couldn't Last
2. Irish Blood, English Heart        13. You Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice
3. I Have Forgiven Jesus               14. It's Hard to Walk Tall When You're
4. Come Back to Camden                    Small
5. I'm Not Sorry                              15. Teenage Dad on His Estate
6. The World is Full of                   16. Munich Air Disaster 1958
    Crashing Bores                            17. Friday Mourning
7. How Can Anybody Possibly     18. The Never-Played Symphonies
    Know How I Feel?                       19. My Life is Succession of People
8. First of the Gang To Die                  Saying Goodbye
9. Let Me Kiss You                         20. I Am Two People
10. All The Lazy Divas                    21. Mexico
11. Like You

Special Bonus DVD:
1. Irish Blood English Heart    4. I Have Forgiven Jesus
2. First of the Gang to Die      5. Let Me Kiss You
3. First of the Gang to Die      6. Exclusive Behind the Scenes
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