Format: CD

Price: 14.95

*** This extraordinarily rare disc is a CDR copy.  If you're interested in the original, silver disc copy, inquire in-store or by email.***

Kling CD:                    Klang CD:
1. Nummern                   1. Taschenrechner
2. Computerwelt              2. Musique Non Stop
3. It's More Fun To Compute/ 3. Radioactivity
    Heimcomputer              4. Showroom Dummies
4. Computerliebe             5. Trans Europa Express
5. Das Modell                6. Tour de France
6. Tour de France            7. Numbers 1981
7. Autobahn                  8. Musique Non Stop
8. Radioaktivat              9. Der Telefonanruf
9. Trans Europa Express/    10. Tour de France
    Metall auf Metall/Abzug  11. Komentenmelodie 2
10. Die Roboter              12. Autobahn
11. Die Roboter (kinderspiel 13. Kohoutek
                             14. Autobahn
                             15. Radioactivity
                             16. Robotronik
                             17. The Telephone Call


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