The Clash

5 Album Studio Set [Box set]

5 Album Studio Set Box set

Format: LP

Price: 179.95

The Clash
5 Album Studio Set [Box set]
5 LP's brilliantly remastered on superb audiophile pressings.

...These remasters are light years above and beyond ALL previous versions -- and that includes the original London Calling I bought on vinyl in 1980 when I was 13 years old. Like others have noted, these remasters are indeed louder. However, in punk that is generally a good thing. Also, the loudness does not come at the expense of dynamic range; Quiet passages are still quiet. But, back to the loudness: When I first listened to these remasters on my computer as I was ripping them to my hard drive, my jaw just kept dropping...Bass lines like on Rudy Can't Fail, always solid, are now downright SEISMIC. Drums now sound like DRUMS, and not like Topper beating on a cardboard box. Joe and Mick are now clearly identifiable as two separate voices with their own timbre, especially on Lost In The Supermarket. The Guns of Brixton actually shook stuff loose on a bookshelf -- in my upstairs bedroom. Again, this is just on a computer audio system. I haven't even fired up the he-man rig in my living room yet.


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