Arthur Russell

Dinosaur L Music 24→24

Dinosaur L Music 2424

Format: LP

Price: 89.95

Arthur Russell’s Dinosaur L album 24→24 is reissued as a 4xLP box set.

The new edition of the 1981 album comes courtesy of Traffic Entertainment Group, the same company responsible for the 2007 CD and vinyl reissue. 24→24 was Dinosaur L’s sole album, and it was released on William Socolov’s Sleeping Bag Records (the first pressing was housed in a hand-silkscreened jacket). Produced and directed by Russell, who also sang and played cello, the band’s personnel included Peter Gordon (saxophone) and Peter Zummo (trombone).

Design and manufacture-wise the 24→24 box set is a collaboration between Get On Down and AntiDesigns USA. Each of the four 12″s is housed in its own LP sleeve, within a hand pulled, screen printed outer box. Liner notes come courtesy of Tim Lawrence (Russell biographer and author of the acclaimed disco history Love Saves The Day), there are previously unpublished photographs by Janette Beckman. No firm indication yet as to what music is being included in the set alongside the original album’s six tracks.

Russell nuts and vinyl fetishists should watch this video trailer for the box set, which is naturally soundtracked Dinosaur L’s music:


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