The Notorius B.I.G.

Life after Death (3LP RSD clear vinyl limited edition)

Life after Death 3LP RSD clear vinyl limited edition

Format: LP

Price: 59.95

Special 3LP clear vinyl limited edition repress for Record Store Day 2014! Here's what we had to say when we first reviewed Life After Death: Biggies epic triple vinyl follow-up to Ready To Die. Like all of his material from this time, this one has been fairly tough to find lately. Released just weeks after his murder in LA, Life After Death creepily lives up to its name with 24 tracks- a very mixed bag that aimed and connected with all of his fans (rhyme spotters to pop to Stuy hard rocks) at once. Highlights include the Primo produced favorites "10 Crack Commandments" and "Kick In The Door," signature Hahnboy party anthem "I Got A Story To Tell," mega-hits "Mo Money, Mo Problems" and "Hypnotize" and so much more. Some of it came as a shock to me, but after swallowing my high-falutin scruples like a vegan learning to enjoy a Central Park hotdog, I get down with it all- even "Notorious Thugs" with Bone.                          


    Life After Death Intro
    Somebody's Gotta Die
    Kick In The Door
    Fuck You Tonight
    Last Day
    I Love The Dough
    What's Beef?
    B.I.G. Interlude
    Mo Money Mo Problems
    Niggas Bleed
    I Gotta Story To Tell
    Notorious Thugs
    Miss U
    Going Back To Cali
    Ten Crack Commandments
    Playa Hater
    Nasty Boy
    Sky's The Limit
    The World Is Filled...
    My Downfall
    Long Kiss Goodnight
    You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)

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