Alice Cooper

Easy Action

Easy Action

Format: LP

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New re-issue gatefold pressing.
Easy Action is the second studio album by Alice Cooper, released by Straight Records in March 1970. The title comes from a line in the musical film West Side Story, which was one of the band's favorite films. As with Pretties For You, the band's debut from the previous year, Easy Action was neither a commercial nor critical success, but brilliant nonetheless.

Drummer Neal Smith later said of the record producer David Briggs, "David hated our music and us. I recall the term that he used, referring to our music, was "Psychedelic Shit". I think Easy Action sounded too dry, more like a TV or radio commercial and he did not help with song arrangement or positive input in any way."
All songs written by Alice Cooper, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith.

1.    "Mr. & Misdemeanor" – 3:05
2.    "Shoe Salesman" – 2:38
3.    "Still No Air" – 2:32
4.    "Below Your Means" – 6:41
5.    "Return of the Spiders" – 4:33
6.    "Laughing at Me" – 2:12
7.    "Refrigerator Heaven" – 1:54
8.    "Beautiful Flyaway" – 3:02
9.    "Lay Down and Die, Goodbye" – 7:36

[edit] Reception
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[3]
Rolling Stone (unfavorable)[4]
Robert Christgau (C)[5]

Allmusic's Joe Viglione rated Easy Action three out of five stars. He explained that it "might be the perfect picture of an evolving Alice Cooper Group." He also stated that it "gives evidence that Cooper has more of a voice than he got credit for." He concluded by saying: "That this band could run the gamut from [Frank] Zappa to [David] Bowie, and perhaps inspired both, makes Easy Action a good study and entertaining record."[3] The staff of Rolling Stone found the album unfavorable. They stated that "there's nothing nearly that interesting" and that "the pretty stuff sounds like something Walt Disney had the good sense to leave in the can."[4] Robert Christgau, in The Village Voice, rated it a C, explaining that it has "its pseudo-decadent and -psychedelic charms, [...] only not as many". He also stated that it contains "tuneless singing, tuneless playing, tuneless tunes, and pseudo-musique concrete."[5]
[edit] Personnel

    Alice Cooper – vocals
    Glen Buxton – lead guitar
    Michael Bruce – rhythm guitar, piano, lead vocals on              "Below Your  Means" and "Beautiful Flyaway"
    Dennis Dunaway – bass guitar
    Neal Smith – drums
    David Briggs – piano on "Shoe Salesman"


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