Steely Dan

Katie Lied

Katie Lied

Format: LP

Price: 80.00

Super rare MFSL version of classic 4th Steely Dan LP.
Mobile Fidelity Audiophile LP ~ MFSL 1-007
Half-Speed Mastered by Stan Ricker @ MFSL, Los Angeles

Katy Lied is the fourth album by Steely Dan, released in 1975. It went gold and peaked at #13 on the US charts. The single "Black Friday" also charted at #37. Band members Walter Becker and Donald Fagen were not happy with the album's sound quality due to an equipment malfunction with the dbx noise reduction system. They refused to listen to the completed album. However, to most audiophiles and fans of the group it is difficult, if not impossible, to hear the alleged sound imperfections. It is now considered one of Becker and Fagen's most important records, both musically and technologically. It is also notable for the first appearance of singer Michael McDonald on a Steely Dan album. The album cover features a picture of a katydid, a type of cricket. This is most likely a pun on the album's title. Jeff Porcaro (Toto), then only 20 years old, played all drums on the album apart from "Any World (That I'm Welcome To)", which features legendary session drummer Hal Blaine.

The last of the truly classic first four Steely Dan albums, the 1975 Katy Lied also sounds like the best. While retaining a solid rock foundation, the music finds Walter Becker and Donald Fagen engaging their jazz influences more successfully than ever; Fagen's piano fills alone are some of the most impressive music laid to tape in the '70s. The songs, too, rate with the team's very best, whether coolly anticipating global financial collapse ("Black Friday"), celebrating the legacy of a mob-hit victim ("Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More"), or letting the Dan's guard down with a pained three-minute survey of life on Earth ("Any World [That I'm Welcome To]"). --Rickey Wright

Track listing
All songs written by Becker and Fagen.

Side One
"Black Friday" – 3:33
"Bad Sneakers" – 3:16
"Rose Darling" – 2:59
"Daddy Don't Live in That New York City No More" – 3:12
"Doctor Wu" – 3:59

Side Two
"Everyone's Gone to the Movies" – 3:41
"Your Gold Teeth II" – 4:12
"Chain Lightning" – 2:57
"Any World (That I'm Welcome To)" – 3:56
"Throw Back the Little Ones" – 3:11


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