Ned Lagin



Format: LP

Price: 40.00

In 1975 Ned Lagin and Phil Lesh of the Greatful Dead released an album of experimental space music entitled Seastones on Round Records; he described the recording as "Electronic Cybernetic biomusic." He composed this experimental ambient composition over the course of 4 years. It was recorded in just as many studios, mixed at a fifth, and mastered at a sixth-and that's not even counting the additional studios in 1990 where it was mixed and remastered further for CD release. Much of the album consists of traditional instruments (bass, guitar, and voice) and a cadre of synthesizers (the E Modular Synthesizer, or E-mu, various ARPs, and the Buchla Modular System or Buchla digital-polyphonic synthesizer.[1]) processed through then-cutting-edge computer technology, with software and interfacing by Lagin. Said computer technology includes such esoterica as the Interdata 7/16 computer with high speed arithmetic logic unit, a bioelectronic microprocessor system, and the Altair 8800 (which had a whopping 256 bytes of RAM and BASIC by Bill Gates and Paul Allen). The album was one of the first commercially released recordings to feature the use of digital computers. The album was recorded in stereo quadraphonic sound and featured guest performances by members of the Grateful Dead, including Jerry Garcia playing treated guitar and Phil Lesh playing electronic Alembic bass. Members of Jefferson Airplane and CSNY also appear on the album. Seastones was re-released in stereo on CD by Rykodisc in 1991. The CD version includes the original nine-section "Sea Stones" (42:34) from February 1975, and a live, previously unreleased, six-section version (31:05) from December 1975.
Seastones Credits

Credits from original vinyl release
Side One

    I – 3:30
    II (Vocals) – 4:02
    III A – 4:38
    III B – 5:36
    IV A (Vocals) – 0:18
    IV B (Vocals) – 2:08
    V A – 0:38

Side Two

    V B – 4:40
    VI (Vocals) – 5:36
    VII – 13:34


    Ned Lagin – piano, percussion, computers, synthesizers, keyboards
    Phil Lesh – bass
    Jerry Garcia – electric guitar, vocals
    David Crosby – vocals, 12-string guitar
    Grace Slick – vocals
    David Freiberg – vocals
    Mickey Hart – gongs
    Spencer Dryden – cymbals


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